Getting email after my own reply

Hi, I have selected the setting under preferences to receive an email after every new post. This works fine except that I also get an email from my own replies. I think one should not get emails of post that one writes. Anyway to correct this?


AFAIK there’s currently no way to edit this setting, but I can see the value in being able to choose, so I am moving this to the “feature” category unless someone else disagrees.

With mailing lists, this is usually an admin (or user) editable setting, so it’d be nice to see it added in Discourse, especially for those of us migrating away from email lists.


I’m with Ricardo. Getting the 10th email notification about my own reply is counter-intuitive - I already know what I said after all.

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If someone wants to take this as a community PR, a drop-down should be added to the setting:

Send me an email for every new post [ including mine | except mine ]

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I don’t understand what PR stands for, someon care to explain? Tx!

pull request, e.g. a code contribution. See

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I just had a PR doing this get merged in so issue can be closed


Would love to see this same setting for:

Send me email notifications even when I am active on the site [including my posts | except my posts]

I have some former listserv users who are ready to mutiny over the need to have a copy of their own posts. They can’t fathom (see what I did there) not seeing their own posts/replies that they submit to categories they are watching.

I am a fan of the “users don’t know what they want” theory, but I am about to lose the project over it. Every time the feature request comes up, this happens…


I am unclear why the mailing list mode switch is not workable for your situation, since it is 99% the same thing?

The former listserv users only want to watch their categories. They would absolutely lose it if they got every email for every category.

The site will cover 40+ areas of law and most lawyers only practice in 2 to 3 categories. Would apply to other sites with a variety of distinct subject matter areas, geography, etc.

As discussed on meta, the mailing list mode is the nuclear option. Not sure users should have that option except in limited special purpose sites.

Eventually these users will figure out email doesn’t scale. Until then, they want their email.