Getting error 422 invalid argument when configure S3 upload with GCS

I am getting error 422 invalid argument when using s3 upload with GCS , can’t seems to find any clue or detail error log. Only log i got is

{failed: “FAILED”, message: “Invalid argument.”}
failed: “FAILED”
message: “Invalid argument.”

my configured setting is as below

if possible where can i view the detailed error log

Perhaps try YOURSITE/logs

It’s a tough one, we only really support AWS S3, GCS is a best community effort kind of thing.

is it possible to remove all hard code log exclude pattern in logster ? i can’t view any log with error 422

i believe there should be error return from GCS api but discourse app is suppressing it

You need to follow the advice in Configure an S3 compatible object storage provider for uploads. Configuring s3 in the UX isn’t really recommended.

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