Ghost & Discourse SSO implementation

It won’t supposed to work on Cloudflare basic plan?

It can be implemented from Nginx? We are planning to use SSO with Ghost and I see that same domain is more easy and sustaniable.

I don’t think so.

It’s much harder to use a subfolder, and offers no benefits. My clients who once used a subfolder have all moved to subdomains.

The instructions describe how to run them both on the same machine.

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In our case SSO could be more secure, so it’s some kind of mandatory for us.

Can it be very bad or only needs heavy config?

SSO has nothing to do with subfolder. Even if discourse is on a different domain altogether, sso shall still work.

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Maybe you don’t checked the link that I posted before.

And yes, it has a lot to do with SSO because SSL certificates and a lot of things that I wouldn’t compromise for avoiding to configure reverse proxy.

I’m talking about Ghost and Discourse single-login implementation.

Sorry but I don’t get your message. You are not giving warranties of nothing so your comment is totally useless. No data, not links, only repeating something totally out of context.

You can configure sso without subfolder. It’s easier with a subdomain. I looked at the link and don’t see anything there that would suggest otherwise.

You can configure ssl on both subdomains. That too will be easier than using a reverse proxy which is required for subfolder.

So that’s a fake one?

Secure (recommended): Mirrors the authentication that Ghost uses to authenticate members.

Requires DoG to sit on the same domain (not a subdomain) as your Ghost site

That’s a requirement for their Bridge (discourse on ghost) to be installed on the same domain as your ghost site. that doesn’t implicate that Discourse needs to be installed on a subdirectory. I hope this makes things clear.


Right. If you really want to use that method of installation rather than what’s described here, you can. You can get support from them rather than here, as it’s a non standard installation.

Using Discourse connect on separate subdomains will be easier to install and maintain.

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Hi @matenauta :slight_smile:

I’ve split your posts off into a dedicated topic, so you may want to consider adding more details to what is now the OP. :+1:

(I’m afraid this is not an area I know a huge amount about, so it may need a better title and tags, etc :slight_smile:)

In general, subfolder installs are much more difficult to technically maintain than a standard subdomain setup. If you don’t get the answers you’re looking for through our community support you may want to try and get specialist help using the #marketplace category instead. :+1:

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The only question that I made (and still without any answer) is why and what can be wrong with that?

Thanks for your efforts moderating the forum. But I’m afraid that you can split, add more tags, more description and the question will be still the same.

Really do you think that #marketplace is the place for that question?

I thought that Meta was a place for discussions, maybe I was wrong.

Oh, I do apologise. I thought you were looking for support in setting up Ghost on a Discourse subfolder setup.

So you just want to know why a subfolder setup is more technical than a standard install?

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The way that you propose to install Discourse is one that no one here is familiar with. If something goes wrong, you won’t be able to get help here. It might just work just fine, forever, but thus far, no one here seems to have heard of it.

If you are coming here for advice and the question is “how can I install Discourse and have Ghost be the DiscourseConnect (SSO) server for my community” the answer is to perform a standard install on a subdomain on a separate server from Ghost. There are some other topics about running mulitple sites on a single server.

Using a subfolder is considerably more complicated than keeping the site on its own subdomain, so it’s not recommended unless you have a really good reason (and improved SSO is no longer believed to be a good reason) and also have some expertise in setting up Discourse. Many fewer sites use a subfolder, so many things, especially some theme components, are not well tested in that configuration, so they too might break in ways that they would not if you just used a subdomain.


That’s not a why. You are not telling what technical setup complexity it is.

There are more steps there than there are for a standard install. Therefore, it is more complicated.

Try it for yourself and see. That’s the only way you can really know for sure.