GitHub checkin prefix convention

(Jeff Atwood) #1

After 1.0 we will be listing all significant changes in the change releases for each new version. To make this task easier, we now require that each “significant” GitHub checkin have one of the following prefixes:

  • FIX - a change that fixed a bug (we define bug as something that prevents normal / typical use of Discourse)

  • PERF - a change that improved performance

  • UX - a change that modified the user interface or text copy

  • SECURITY - a change that fixes a security problem

  • FEATURE - a change that adds a new feature to Discourse

  • HACK - a weird workaround that may not survive (or even be needed) in future releases

Not all changes are required to have one of these prefixes. If you are producing a fix for a previous checkin, the checkin doesn’t fit any known category, or it is something so tiny and minor that it’s not worth mentioning in the release notes, then the prefix can be omitted.

However, any “interesting” or “significant” checkins should have one of these prefixes attached to it.

That way it’s easier for us to generate release notes.

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