GitHub Helper Persona for Discourse AI

We just landed a brand new AI Persona which integrates AI Bot into GitHub.

It ships with 3 tools:

  1. The ability to read pull requests
  2. The ability to read any particular set of files in a repository
  3. The ability to search through a repository

For search to work you need to configure: ai bot github access token

To generate a token head to:

GitHub supports fine grained tokens so you can grant a token with not access to private repositories (or you can create a token with access to private discussions)

Examples of what the new persona can do:

1. Review a pull request:

2. Read files in Github

3. Search Github repositories

The GitHub API is vast and there are many new tools we could look at adding, be mindful though that the more tools an LLM has to work with, the often the more confused it can get, by keeping the features set smaller we are able to produce pretty impressive results.

Also note, this gives access to all of GitHub, you can explore Discourse or any other project.

Given the flexibility of the persona framework you can design custom personas that mix and match various tools (for example search on forum and search on GitHub) to produce very powerful domain specific personas.

Enjoy and let us know what you think :confetti_ball: