Global replace for bbcode [code] with backticks

Dear all,

I’ve just tried to run the many examples for a global find-and-replace here in this forum but struggled with two things:

  1. How do I run these rake posts: ... commands? When I type the command at the command line I just end up with a new line showing a >. I’ve never done anything with Ruby so far.
  2. How can I replace the string “[code]” with “```” followed by a newline?
  3. Can I search also for a newline so that only replace “[code]” that follows a newline?

Sorry for all these noob questions but I’m new to Discourse and in the midde of a large website relaunch :confused:


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I solved the problem (sleeping over it revealed the problem). I typed:

rake posts:remap["[code]","```"]

The three backticks where interpreted by the shell and so caused it to ask me to complete the command. Therefore the additional prompt that I confused for a rake prompt.

Replacing now.



I think you are also going to need to replace [/code] also maybe you need a newline.

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Done exactly that. I replaced [code] with \n and three backticks, and [/code] with three backticks and \n. Looks fine now. In the end I used Postgres instead of remap because I couldn’t get it to insert the newlines correctly.


We do want to get that sorted in our remap somehow, for sure.


I am unable to insert newlines either using rake posts:remap with the regex replace. No idea if it can even be done.

Q: If I do updates with via the database, do I need to edit both the raw and cooked versions, or if I update the raw will it update the cooked version automagically or do I need to do something to have it update?

I assume the data explorer plugin just does Queries and doesn’t do UPDATEs?