Going back to previous internal page after 404

(Chaboi 3000) #1

Steps to get this bug:

  1. You click on a link which redirects to a section where you don’t have access to.
  2. If it says error 404, click on the < button to go to the previous page
  3. It just redirects to the 404 page instead of the previous page.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

No repro.

  1. Open new Chrome incognito window
  2. Navigate to google.com
  3. I try to visit the URL of a staff topic on try.discourse.org and get a 404
  4. Press back button, I am taken back to Google

(Chaboi 3000) #3

It happens to me when I do this:
In discourse, I click on the link above, but I don’t have permissions to go to the that site setting.
Then I can’t go back to the discourse post with the link.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Use the browser menu on the back link. Click and hold, or tap and hold, on the back arrow:


(Jeff Wong) #8

I’m fairly sure that this has to do with our click interceptor failing to avoid stepping on ember route’s toes - I fixed a similar issue we noticed while navigating to the hidden profile pages, and it sounds like that it’s the same issue you’re experiencing here :fallen_leaf:

(Jeff Wong) #9

FYI this wasn’t it and these changes have been reverted - I’ll be looking for a better solution to this soon.

(Brandon Martus) #10

Was this change merged in? I’ve got a relatively recent version running and am running into the same problem where you can’t use the back button on the browser from a hidden profile page. I was able to reproduce it here on meta, also.

(Régis Hanol) #11

@maja can you have a look?

(Chaboi 3000) #13

Can repro this by going to the regular badge page.
then viewing this fella’s profile there

then trying to go back to the previous internal page.