Google Analytics setting configuration

I don’t understand the Google Analytics settings.

If I put the code that Google gives m in the ‘ga universal tracking code’, do I need to fill in the ‘ga tracking code’ and ‘ga domain name’ as well?


Put the same code in ga tracking code, in ga domain name put your domain ( without www or http


I put the UA-xxxxxxx-x (mine is with numbers of course) code in both the ga tracking code, ga universal tracking code and put my domain name in the ga domain name, but I can’t see any visits in the real-time view.

I tried refreshing the page and browsing through various topics but it still shows 0.

It start showing, so I guess it just takes a few minutes

The “ga tracking code” only does something if the “ga universal tracking code” is empty, so you can just remove that.


If I wanted to use two GA trackers, is there a recommended way to do that? I have been using the GA field in settings, but want to make sure that the second one doesn’t cause any issues.