Google Spreadsheet only showing as link


Hi Has there been any changes to the one box for google spreadsheets?

We have had an upgrade during the week to 1.6.10 - b0fe5d383ec1c9f1ccd888e793a321193d376e6a

Before the upgrade when putting in the link for gsheets they were parsing as per below:

Where as now they are only showing as per below

The guys used to update the sheet without having to go into it and could do it within the post

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Correct, it was a dire mistake to load the entire spreadsheet inside Discourse. See


OK thanks @codinghorror

I think we are going to have to revisit this then as is rather unfortunate for us. I take it there was no way of having it as an opt in feature to have it embed the whole thing

I would love to be able to get a special weight recording system built at some point.