Google's Mobile Friendly Test

After one of my clients sent me a link to Google’s Mobile Friendly test (in relation to some changes coming on the 21st April) I decided to run the test on my discourse site:

So I initially came here to ask about this, and to find out if there was anything which could be done about it, but before doing so, I figured I’d run the test on this meta site:

Which, despite looking almost identical to mine, gets a pass.

Does anyone know why this might be happening? What’s different between my install, and the meta site, that one passes and the other doesn’t.


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Huh, it doesn’t display my discourse installation’s site at all. Strange.

I believe this was covered at some length in

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That thread is about images, but the error message I’m getting relates to links being too close together.

Might have to do with your CSS edits.

I have the default theme with just a few slight minor changes and I have the same result as this meta.discourse. It works just fine.

It looks like talk.birmingham has this CSS for links that I don’t see for meta

background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% transparent;

I don’t know if that would give links too less of a distinct tap target, but maybe?

Thanks for the suggestions. I’m doing a tidy up of my CSS soon, I’ll see if that makes a difference.

The category pages have a warning in this test for me saying the links are too near. I also have a few topics with a warning for horizontal scroll. I am using version v1.4.0.beta10 +273 with a not used adsense plugin, and the discourse-tagging plugin. No custom css/html.