Graphical representation and navigation of Categories and Topics

Starting to work with Discourse has prompted some ideas on graphical representation how it might be used for navigation.

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Hello Thomas, can you be more specific? Your message is very vague and doesn’t tell us much. :slight_smile:

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Here is what I have in mind. Sticking to a single Category for the moment, all the subsequent Topics and posts can be viewed as a tree or directed graph with the posts as nodes. Displayed in this way, each node could be labelled with key words, or better yet the key words could be displayed when the node was hovered over. Once a post of interest was identified it could be clicked on to display the entire post. Another gesture could be used to generate a reply feature or create Topic feature at the category level.
Has anyone looked into this? Does it run afoul to some general design principles? I’m just learning my way around.
Was this the correct category>

Could use a little guidance on original Topic Posts. I am helping set up a new forum and working out habits for a group of neophytes such as myself. It seemed to me that the original Topic Post should be short and simply introduce the subject and then subsequent replies would be the substantive ones. Is it typical for the original Topic Post to launch right into a complete first discussion or statement concerning the topic? What is good practice on this. I think I’ve seen both styles as I’ve meandered around Discourse forums.