Group admin dashboard?

Hi, I am constantly thinking about how to ‘give away’ my community to network/community leaders across our global organization. I want there to be dozens of leaders who own our community and see it as vital for their day-to-day operations. The richer, easier, and better their toolset is, the easier this would be to do.

I wonder if providing group owners with an easy to find group admin dashboard would help? Especially if they run multiple groups, to make it easy for them to see how their groups are doing. A combination of:

  • Individual or bulk add to groups area
  • Tobias’ suggestion for a group read time - Amount of time spent reading by discourse groups
  • Other stats related to your group: percentage logged in within past 7/30 days, posts created by group in past 7/30 days, is this growth/decline

Curious if this has any legs beyond my own perception!


Maybe you could mock up what that would look like?


I think we have a lot in common. One thing I’ve been trying to do with this newsletter is to establish patterns that others can follow autonomously to create periodical pieces of their own that people can subscribe to, effectively allowing these leaders to use Discourse as a “community publishing platform”.

We are in the early days of starting to use groups, but I can see potential value in having the kinds of things you’re suggesting here.