Group Tagging System

I’d like to put in a feature request for a group ping notification system. Basically, this allows users to tag members of groups all at once.

Each usergroup gets a unique tag (definable by staff) that can be used by forum members.

To prevent abuse of the tagging system, there should be a permission system similar to the category system. For example, I should be able to define a minimum of TL2 to use a tag, or only allow members of certain groups to use the tags.

There should also be a couple special tags (which can of course be customized):

  • @everyone - A special tag that will ping every user currently on the forum (Default staff only)
  • @staff - Tags all forum staff (Default TL1+)

This seems like a good idea, but I think that there should be a distinction from standard mentions, i.e. the group mentioning shouldn’t use the same symbol as the user mentions. Maybe use something like # or ! instead.

The staff one sort of exists already @moderators and @admins. You can also mention groups (if you have it setup properly)

Is there a guide on how to set it up? And how to permission-lock tagging? Or change current @moderators / @admins tags?

Admin > Groups, click on the Group, verify the alias can be used in mentions and I think you can specify TL with it.

Oh, there is a @staff one too, it just defaults to no one can use its alias, so you can alter that too.

This feature can be closed, as its already implemented (it even has everyone)

Not quite. From what I see, this expands out to all the members, nor can I rename the groups.

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You can also create Custom Groups and tune those to your needs.

Those are automatic for a reason :wink: They are needed for the system to function properly.

That’s how it works, no idea if it is ever planned to not expand, but there are topics already on that subject somewhere…


What you’re talking about has previously been referred to as “group mentions”, and there are several pre-existing discussions about it:


Group mentions are now a fully fleshed out feature and it is explained here: