Group titles on group pages are white on white

The group titles on the group pages are white on white now, so not visible. Example: Discourse Meta

I was able to add some CSS to fix it:

.user-main .details {
    color: #000000;

Was hoping to get an option for “pretty group names” as part of group related enhancements. Would like the slug view to stay visible until then.

EDIT: Just noticed on mobile that the title area background is gray, so the white title is visible, but only on mobile.


Hmm, Using desktop I’m not seeing white on white at that page,
Nor do I see any details class ( I do see user-details with a color: rgb(145, 145, 145) applied to it)

Is there some custom CSS you have, or maybe you’re running an old version of Discourse?

He’s right – it’s at the top of the page. Highlight with your mouse to find it.

lol I did try doing that before, but obviously not in the right place.

Yes, so it is indeed.

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This is related to this line:

And this line:

Related to this bug:

and this pull request few days ago:

Fixed via:


Thanks @linc01n :slight_smile: