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RE the ‘PCB’ on the Sierra Connect site. It helps if there is a hover over description that gives a brief 1-sentence explanation. This helps newcomers to the site to understand what it stands for. There are 68 possible meanings for PCB. :man_shrugging: PCB - Definition by AcronymFinder


Yes of course, it is absolutely fine if the forums caters to everyone. But who’s your focus? :slight_smile:

Customers will have knowledge of what you do, so you won’t need to explain your product range (probably). So they’ll need guidance on how to use your products.
Prospects will need to understand what you do in detail. So if you are aimed at prospects: your banner could be calling out your offerings, or a “getting started with protoexpress” guide.

If your forum is open to non-customers, could be good to make that explicit. It’s free advice from experts, that has a lot of value!

This is actually an interesting observation! PCB is a very common acronym in your industry. I think it’s fair to assume all your customers will know. Probably all prospects too, but I’m less certain. Would you expect all your (valuable) visitors to know what PCB stands for?


Interesting and likely relevant article: First 1,000 Community Members


For some acronyms I would expect almost everyone to realize what they mean, but there are many the some would have to look up.
“The 20,254 entries make up the bulk of the text Over 7,000 terms are new, or have been revised since the 1972 edition.”
from IEEE Standard Dictionary of Electrical and Electronics Terms | IEEE Journals & Magazine | IEEE Xplore

That’s a lot, especially for someone new or fairly new to the game.

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I don’t think there’s any ambiguity about PCB in this context. It is indeed a TLA with many meanings, but this is a PCB fabrication business, not intended for the general public but for people who want to fabricate a PCB. Those people will know something about electronics.


In addition, also an opportunity for experts to offer advice. Discourse seems to more built for collaboration rather than some people giving away advice for free to others.

Regardless of PCB being a standard term for printed circuit boards, can still be a good idea to have posted somewhere the full words of what acronyms stand for. I don’t work in that field now but have some background in manufacturing.

Here is another one, “TLA,” what does that stand for?

Many people also talk about “UBI” as if everyone knows they are talking about universal basic incomes, not realizing that is also a standard acronym for a Unified Business I.D.#

So many other acronyms, so confusing.


Everyone knows what PCB stands for in the industry.


Okay, understood. I was under the misunderstanding that it was for the general public. :+1: (I knew what it meant as I repaired TVs, radios & 2-way radios since I was 14. :slightly_smiling_face: )

See my comment above this. :slightly_smiling_face:


This theme-component can help

Linkify can also work if you want it to say take them to Wikipedia instead. Though now you can do linkify in watched words.

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