Hack for sorting Badges?

Badges are becoming increasingly important on our pages. Is there a hack for sorting them, besides adding more badge groups? We have a lot of custom badges for xxx messages or xxx likes - so more groups are not really the way we want to go.

I’m open to any ideas, except patching the code - that’s currently going beyond my possibilities.

In case someone needs it, there is way to sort the badges inside a single Badge-Group.

You need to add more rows to the table “badge_types”. Lower Id’s will be sorted to the end of the list.
Lets say you need to sort 5 Badges in one Badge-Group (they are from the table badge_groupings). You could edit the table “badge_types” as follow:

  • row-id 1: name “Diamond”
  • row-id 2: name “Platin”
  • row-id 3: name “Gold”
  • row-id 4: name “Silver”
  • row-id 5: name “Bronze”

Then set your badges to the type you want. They will be displayed from Bronze -> Diamond on the /badges and /users/[username]/badges page.


Hmmm curious what ended up happening here? What modifications did you make?

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