Handle membership request shows up on all pms

This is a bizarre edge case, that I suspect has to do with something particular to this site, but I don’t know where to look.

One user, joe-admin, an admin, sees a “handle membership request” link on all PMs. It’s a link to /g/everyone/filter=joe-admin. The link doesn’t work, because everyone isn’t a group.

I have a plugin that allows everyone to send PMs to staff. I’d think that this was the cause, but I’m also an admin and I don’t see those links on my messages.

Any hints on where I might look for an explanation would be appreciated.

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I still can’t figure this one out. Here is where this is getting triggered:

So somehow for one admin (not me) this is getting triggered on a bunch of (all?) PMS and attrs.requestedGroupName is “everyone”.

I don’t see how this could be or how to debug further.