Has anyone else noticed this minimum character number mismatch?

Currently, if you’re trying to start a message, there’s a popup telling you the post needs to be at least 10 characters long (which also asks whether you have tried the <3 button… for whatever reason?).
Proceed to type said 10 characters, then press send.
You’ll get a nice alert telling you “Body is too short (minimum is 20 characters)”

10 ≠ 20. Is this project open source? I’d like to contribute.

Yes! Code is avaliable at GitHub - discourse/discourse: A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple.

That sounds triggering multiple checks, we have min post length, min first post length, min private message post length, body min entropy, min topic title length, title min entropy and min private message title length.


You can reproduce this on meta or try? What are the exact steps?

Neither Meta nor try allow messages, it seems. So cannot replicate.

Messages have lower character limits for title and post body, for sure. It is two different sets of site settings.

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I understand that, however it does have the inconsistency I describe (10 on popup vs 20 on callback)… at least in my current install —latest version.