Has anyone succeeded in using discourse as sso provider for nextcloud? Share recipe?

Hi all - I am interested in setting up a few small community sites with discourse plus nextcloud for document and media content sharing. It would be loverly and preferable to have SSO with discourse as SSO provider. If anyone has succeeded in doing this and can share a recipe here on how to do it I’d appreciate it. Thanks! :seedling:

The communities I am looking at creating are for my own geographically dispersed family, my neighborhood, and my son’s school.

I might also be interested in setting up a nextcloud for the organization I work for that already has an active community website. Though my organization’s community uses discourse, it uses wordpress as SSO auth now. Down the pike I’m also interested in flipping that around so we can benefit from features reliant on discourse as SSO auth.

Edit: this seems to be the page - I will be exploring this today and will let others know what I come up with if anything. :slight_smile: Any guidance along the way much appreciated.


i’ve quite the same usecases, where i want to use discourse as the SSO provider for nextcloud.

are there any updates on this?

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Not that I am aware of. Could you ask at the nextcloud community?

it’s not a perfect implementation, but it does its job for me: