Have AI ask user if the topic can be closed

The Discourse AI bot currently utilizes RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) for each forum post. Consequently, the AI should be able to reasonably determine if a topic can be closed and ask the original poster if it’s acceptable to do so. If the answer is yes then a moderator can close the topic.

I often see users on Q&A sites reviving old topics, which can create extra work for moderators and support staff. They have to spend more time figuring out the new posts. If we close these topics when it’s clear they have an answer, it helps keep the questions relevant to the current timeframe and less text to read and decipher.

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I like the idea of an AI triage type post in very specific categories: (as post #2)

A mini spec would be:

  1. User posts in category X
  2. We use RAG to try to find answer
  3. If we get something reasonable we have AI post a reply
  4. Critical we push for user interaction really early on, have custom buttons on the post
    • This answered my question - If user selects it can be accepted as answer and eventually auto closed
    • This was helpful - but did not answer
    • This was unhelpful - which can be used to suppress bot noise.

I would say some specific communities certainly can benefit from such a system.