Have some problems to configure embed Twitter

Hello all, have a self hosted server on DigitalOcean using the “30 minutes” install via docker.

Run well, but I’ve some problems with the onebox embed on twitter post.

I’ve used the config manual here

I set my dev keys (consumer and secret consumer) and relaunch the app.

But Onebox give me a 404 error retrieving the twitter post?

Testing the wrench key and rebuild HTML thing, same problem.

If I unset the keys, the post is ok but the @ is empty and the size of picture very very small

So I’ve some questions and need hints…

  1. I’m in France, using OVH for DNS, may be a problem for twitter post recovery in Europe? (a RGPD thing…). Do I need a special config?
  2. I misuse the Twitter dev config? I’ve set OAuthV1 (seem to be used for login only thing but…)
  3. a direct link give me an unable to generate a preview for this web page, is it a “normal” thing?

I’m a little lost for now. Thanks you for any help!


I’ve found it !

You need to escalate your developer Twitter account from Essential to Elevated (free).

And then it’s work like a charm.

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