Having difficulty setting up read-only mailing list from mailman

Continuing the discussion from Creating a read-only mailing list mirror:

  1. Enabled email_in
  2. Created group mailinglist
  3. Created category for group mailinglist with see as only security option.
  4. custom address email@our.forum.com for the category
  5. Enabled allow anonymous emails
  6. Enabled category mirrors mailinglist
  7. Subscribed to mailing list as email@our.forum.com & received confirmation within the category


Our emails are being rejected after being received by Discourse. Attempting to problem solve it

set to false.


I cannot stop the entire list from being spammed with “auto generated errors” so I had to disable this functionality for now… :frowning:


We're sorry, but your email message to ["example@lists.email.net"] (titled [List] Testing if no more auto-generated messages.) didn't work.

Do you use more than one email address? Did you reply from a different email address? Email replies require that you use the same email address when replying. Alternately, the Message-ID header in the email may have been modified.

In case this might help…
authorized existensions set to *