Header Dropdown navigation menu custom link removes heading anchor from URL


All / Inconvenient – deffo not an emergency!


Reproduced in Chrome on desktop and mobile


We’ve just switched over to the new ‘Header Dropdown’ navigation menu.

Our community FAQ includes a custom section to explain how the leaderboard and scoring system works with its own anchor link (/faq#waves).

I added this link including the anchor:

Discourse strips the anchor portion and simply links to /faq which defeats the point of tying to link directly to that section. Hoping that this isn’t intentional!

Reproducible steps:

  1. Change navigation menu type to ‘Header Dropdown’
  2. Add another link to /faq#civilized
  3. Click on the menu link, instead of the specified anchor you are taken to the top of /faq

i have reproduced and i can confirm that this the case with the navigation menu custom sections in sidebar mode as well.

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