Help prioritizing Closed discussion content

I was wondering if there is a feature to help documentation staff migrate content from Discourse to a comprehensive information system?

Discourse forums, when used to support products (like our open source software), often identify weaknesses in the structured documentation. Weaknesses like concepts that are ambiguous or not covered.

Is there a system to grade & prioritize closed Topics that contain such great information? Then allow an admin to mark the Topic with a cross-reference to the documentation after the data has been moved? As an augmentation to the ‘Best Answer’, perhaps a hyperlinked ‘This Topic has been condensed into our documentation.’ could be inserted after the original question. This would be help our users.

As an added bonus, the cross-reference links would provide a curated system of linking similar Topics. If they point to the same link, Topics are likely to be closely related.

Ideally, I’d like to flag a closed topic in several ways. Prioritize it with something like an Eisenhower method matrix. (Rate priority by independent factors of ‘Importance’ & ‘Urgency’). Then add a target URL for the info & a Status. We could assign the work using a defect management tool (we use MantisBT) or something as simple as Discourse’s messaging/notification system.

When the status goes to ‘Public’ the link is inserted another form of Best Answer. As with any other posting, users can upvote or flag/message with criticisms of the quality of the knowledge migration.

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Adding links between the topics (in the post body), and tagging are all I can think of.