Help us build the new 2.0 Dashboard

Could you remove the word ‘Capybara’ from the search reports please? It’s driving me nuts that it’s (almost) always on #1 :slight_smile:


You should be chuffed that it shows up at all. On my site new members hardly make it that far!


It’s supposed to be the case already


For forums where a significant portion of posts come via email, the new dashboard only shows a partial picture. It would be great see at a glance what percentage of replies came by email.


A change was indeed needed on this, it should now be correct as of :

This commit also refactors how we used to compute icons for trends in this table:

  • it will now use the same icons as charts
  • be able to differentiate between small and big trend

Hi I’m not able to see all the features such as activity metric. We have the latest discourse installed. Help will be appreciated.


Any error in the console? Did you try safe mode? can you share a screenshot of what you see?

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I’m sorry, this was my fault. All is working fine. Lots of great information:


some css issues for rtl languages:


the arrows are on the numbers.


not very big issues that can be resolved via css dashboard, but they reduce the beauty of the new awesome dashboard.


Where did active users end up? What about add “visits”? I daily look at that in order to understand if people are building some kind of habit or not

Please take some time to look at the data available in this new dashboard.

I suggest you have a look at the DAU/MAU chart (read the tooltip)


This should be fixed by:

Thanks once again for reporting a RTL css issue. I have to admit I’m not always checking for this but I’m always happy to fix it whenever you report an issue with this.


Currently it seems that the values for the charts are rounded down

In this case, the value shows 19 for 19.8, when it should use correct rounding and show 20.


Agreed. Our {{number}} formatter is doing parseInt(x, 10) which has the effect of rounding down on floats. As we are very very close to the 2.0 release I went with an option to fix this, but I think we should just apply Math.ceil(x) each time by default before formatting.


7 posts were merged into an existing topic: Read time metrics

Bug? The “Latest:” backup timestamp seems to be the current time, not the time of the most latest backup.


Indeed something is off here will have a look.

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(Was just upgrade to 2.0 today - so just getting started)

Not sure if this has been mentioned before but there appears to be odd behaviour on the graphs you get if you click on the table of Activity Metrics below the graphs. The date range includes TOMORROW, so all graphs finish on zero. Is there a reason for that? - e.g.

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Seems wrong, will have a look too.


And more date issues for me

In the past I could visually monitor certain stats to alert me to an unexpected spike, particularly of new registrants. I can still see a stat for today’s Total pageviews, but not the stat for Today’s new Users / Signups. I assumed I could then look at the graph, but the stats in the graph only include up to Today -1 until you click on it (which then includes Today), and yet the dates on the axis are up to Today +3.

Is this expected behaviour?