Admin Dashboard Report Reference Guide

Looking for information about the Admin Dashboard Reports? You’re in the right place!

:bookmark: This is a reference guide for describing how the Admin Dashboard Reports function, the data they’re displaying, and where to find the Ruby code for each report.

Admin Dashboard Reports

:exclamation: This post is a Wiki! Feel free to add information here you feel may be helpful for other admins, moderators, or developers using Discourse Reports.

Discourse contains several built-in Admin Dashboard Reports that can be useful for exploring stats about a community. To access these reports, you can visit /admin/dashboard/reports on your site ( or click the Reports link at the top of the dashboard). Note that only staff users will have access to these reports.

Data from all users on a site is included in these reports (including staff activity like visiting admin pages). The only condition that is put on users in the reports is that they are ‘real’ users, which is used to exclude the system user from the reports.

Plugins can also add reports to the dashboard with add_report(name, &block).

:gem: Ruby models for most reports are located at: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/. Some reports also reference: discourse/app/models/report.rb

Below you’ll find detailed descriptions about each report available on the Admin Dashboard:

:bulb: The Ruby code for some reports contains the exact SQL query used to generate the report, and can easily be adapted for use with the Data Explorer plugin and Running Data Explorer queries with the Discourse API

Accepted solutions

Admin Logins

List of admin login times with locations.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/staff_logins.rb


Number of new pageviews by visitors not logged in to an account.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/consolidated_page_views.rb


Number of new topics and posts bookmarked.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/bookmarks.rb

Consolidated Pageviews

Pageviews for logged in users, anonymous users and crawlers.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/consolidated_page_views.rb

SQL Consolidated Pageviews
-- [params]
-- date :start_date
-- date :end_date

SELECT AS "date",
      WHEN ar.req_type=6 THEN 'Crawlers'
      WHEN ar.req_type=7 THEN 'Logged in users'
      WHEN ar.req_type=8 THEN 'Anonymous users'
    END user_type,
    SUM(ar.count) AS views
FROM application_requests ar
WHERE req_type IN (6,7,8)
    AND BETWEEN :start_date AND :end_date
GROUP BY "date", user_type
ORDER BY "date"


Number of members that logged in in the last day divided by number of members that logged in in the last month – returns a % which indicates community ‘stickiness’. Aim for >30%.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/dau_by_mau.rb

Daily Engaged Users

Number of users that have liked or posted in the last day.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/daily_engaged_users.rb

Emails Sent

Number of new emails sent.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/emails.rb


Number of new flags.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/flags.rb

Flags Status

List of flags’ statuses including type of flag, poster, flagger, and time to resolution.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/flags_status.rb


Number of new likes.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/likes.rb

Logged In

Number of new pageviews from logged in users.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/controllers/admin/reports_controller.rb#L5

Moderator Activity

List of moderator activity including flags reviewed, reading time, topics created, posts created, personal messages created, and revisions.

Moderator Warning

Number of warnings sent by personal messages from moderators.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/moderator_warning_private_messages.rb

New Contributors

Number of users who made their first post during this period.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/new_contributors.rb

Notify Moderators

Number of times moderators have been privately notified by a flag.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/notify_moderators_private_messages.rb

Notify User

Number of times users have been privately notified by a flag.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/notify_user_private_messages.rb


Number of new pageviews from all visitors. Same as the total for Consolidated Pageviews.

Discourse uses the follow query to determine total pageviews:

SQL Total Pageviews
-- [params]
-- date :start_date
-- date :end_date

SELECT AS "date",
    SUM(ar.count) AS pageviews
FROM application_requests ar
WHERE req_type IN (6,7,8)
    AND BETWEEN :start_date AND :end_date
GROUP BY "date"

Post Edits

Number of new post edits.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/post_edits.rb


New posts created during this period

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/posts.rb


List most recent reactions.


New account registrations for this period.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/signups.rb

Suspicious Logins

Details of new logins that differ suspiciously from previous logins.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/suspicious_logins.rb


Number of personal messages sent automatically by the System.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/system_private_messages.rb

Time to first response

Average time (in hours) of the first response to new topics.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/time_to_first_response.rb

Top Ignored / Muted Users

Users who have been muted and/or ignored by many other users.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/top_ignored_users.rb

Top Referred Topics

Topics that have received the most clicks from external sources.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/top_referred_topics.rb

Top Referrers

Users listed by number of clicks on links they have shared.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/top_referrers.rb

Top Traffic Sources

External sources that have linked to this site the most.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/top_traffic_sources.rb

Top Uploads

List all uploads by extension, filesize and author.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/top_uploads.rb

Top Users by likes received

Top 10 users who have received likes.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/top_users_by_likes_received.rb

Top Users by likes received from a user with a lower trust level

Top 10 users in a higher trust level being liked by people in a lower trust level.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/top_users_by_likes_received_from_inferior_trust_level.rb

Top Users by likes received from a variety of people

Top 10 users who have had likes from a wide range of people.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/top_users_by_likes_received_from_a_variety_of_people.rb


New topics created during this period.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/topics.rb

Topics with no response

Number of new topics created that did not receive a response.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/topics_with_no_response.rb

Trending Search Terms

Most popular search terms with their click-through rates.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/trending_search.rb

Trust Level growth

Number of users who increased their Trust Level during this period.

The Trust Level Growth report is pulling data from the user_histories table in the Discourse database. Specifically, this report is counting the number of times a user_histories.action is recorded for an increase in a user trust level.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/trust_level_growth.rb

Unaccepted policies

User Flagging Ratio

List of users ordered by ratio of staff response to their flags (disagreed to agreed).

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/user_flagging_ratio.rb

User Profile Views

Total new views of user profiles.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/profile_views.rb

User Visits

The total number of user visits in the forum for the selected time period (today, yesterday, last 7 days, etc).

A User Visit is counted anytime a unique logged in user visits the site, up to once per day. For example, if a user visited a site every day within a week, Discourse would count that as 7 user visits.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/visits.rb

User Visits (mobile)

Number of unique users who visited using a mobile device.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/mobile_visits.rb

User notes

List most recent user notes.

User-to-User (excluding replies)

Number of newly initiated personal messages.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/user_to_user_private_messages.rb

User-to-User (with replies)

Number of all new personal messages and responses.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/user_to_user_private_messages_with_replies.rb

Users currently away

Users per Trust Level

Number of users grouped by trust level.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/users_by_trust_level.rb

Users per Type

Number of users grouped by admin, moderator, suspended, and silenced.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/users_by_type.rb

Web Crawler Pageviews

Total pageviews from web crawlers over time.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/web_crawlers.rb

Web Crawler User Agents

List of web crawler user agents, sorted by pageviews.

Ruby Code: discourse/app/models/concerns/reports/web_crawlers.rb


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