Help With a Private Topics/Replies Alternative?

Hi Everyone!

I have a unique circumstance where I want to use Discourse for a community contest we’re hosting. I want their entries to be sent via a topic reply though (So others can’t see their entries, only the one posting and admins can).

Unfortunately, I’m not able to integrate the private topic forums plugin that would have worked perfectly. Does anyone have any advice for alternatives to achieve this setup? Surveys, Discourse functionality, ect.?


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May I ask, why are you not able to do that?


Just because of how our community is hosted which is completely fine @RGJ

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Why not use PMs? If you want to make it easier for your community, you could share with them a pre filled url with all the info: How to create a new personal message via a link with pre-filled information

For example:

And the link would open like this:

Maybe polls would work: How to Create Polls

Or you could integrate Discourse with a survey third party service like SurveyMonkey.


Well, it is another plugin but the Custom Wizard Plugin 🧙 does this stuff with quite a lot of flexibility.


Yeah maybe pms and later you could convert to a public topic.