Help with OAuth2 Basic plugin

I installed and configured the OAuth2 Basic plugin with our App but I get the following error and I don’t know what is going on:

OAuth2 Debugging: request POST

Headers: {"User-Agent"=>"Faraday v1.9.3", "Content-Type"=>"application/x-www-form-urlencoded", "Authorization"=>"Basic S2k2SFZtTVpuSTFHUExiRXVlWVJDNENiOkNvb1k0anlQemt3dWNRV21Sa2FWOVNnbHZLbjJFT3cxc3BIMmtMck9yY21vNDM4Tg=="}

Body: {"client_id"=>"Ki6HVmMZnI1GPLbEueYRC4Cb", "client_secret"=>"some_secret", "grant_type"=>"authorization_code", "code"=>"MsWr5INPAYgq9HneriXG4R4ga1rK0lCU3giAMlVTXNQwcW8O", :redirect_uri=>""}


OAuth2 Debugging: response status 200


Headers: {"content-length"=>"239", "content-type"=>"text/html; charset=UTF-8", "date"=>"Mon, 05 Sep 2022 12:56:12 GMT", "ngrok-trace-id"=>"5a6a53d01f2291f686e1cb6944528cc5", "server"=>"gunicorn"}

Body: {"token": {"token_type": "Bearer", "access_token": "freVOb8cHFofdiK58WDFxDhpiVizQpxDdTYypZckOE", "expires_in": 864000}, "header": [["Content-Type", "application/json"], ["Cache-Control", "no-store"], ["Pragma", "no-cache"]], "status": 200}

(oauth2_basic) Authentication failure! invalid_credentials: OAuth2::Error, {"token": {"token_type": "Bearer", "access_token": "freVOb8cHFofdiK58WDFxDhpiVizQpxDdTYypZckOE", "expires_in": 864000}, "header": [["Content-Type", "application/json"], ["Cache-Control", "no-store"], ["Pragma", "no-cache"]], "status": 200}

Our app uses OAuth2 with Response type = code . It uses Python authlib to produce all OAuth2 results. Is the plugin expecting something else as part of the token response?

I managed to fix this problem. The issue was that our OAuth2 App was returning the token as “text/html; charset=UTF-8” and had to be “application/json”

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