Help with permalinks after forum migration

Hi, after the conversion from phpBB Google indexing has collapsed and even after months has never recovered.
I believe the problem is due to the many 404 mistakes due to the permalinks not working.
They are the predefined ones generated by the conversion script.

How can I correct them?
For example It’s not redirected.


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Do the permalinks exist if you look at /admin/customize/permalinks?

What do they look like?

If not, you’ll need to get a script to generate them.


Thanks for your help @pfaffman, yes I have what you see in the previous image.

For the categories I used this and it works perfectly


The ones I found after conversion are these but only works for the categories.

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No. Not the permalink site settings. The permalinks at the URL in the my last message.

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There are permalinks for the categories and now I understand what you mean.

During conversion the permalinks for discussions were not created.

Ok, there are more than 2500 discussions … for now I give up …

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You can see that the mapping from the old to the new is available with

./launcher enter app
rails c

So then you would run a script that for each of those values a permalink gets created. It’s hard to explain, but it’s possible.

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You’re right there are all the data of the old phpBB discussions.
Thanks anyway of the help, unfortunately I don’t know how to use them.

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This is an example from another importer. You might be able to adjust it to create the permalinks on your server.

You’d change the Permalink.create line to match the links from phpBB


It is critical to get redirects in place for old content as part of a migration! I hope you can get this resolved, but maybe we need to update our documentation on migration @tshenry @dax to make this point?