Help! with the Anonymous feature on discourse

Hello, everyone, I am new to the discourse platform and I’m currently building a bottom bar navigation that will only be displayed on mobile phones and I cannot seem to get the anonymous feature to work, I want to make an icon on my bottom bar function like the anonymous icon on discourse. I cannot seem to figure this out.

This is the code that runs in the user menu to switch to an anonymous account

You need to replicate that code when the anonymous button is clicked. How you do that will depend how you’ve implemented the bottom bar.


Hi, @david I am trying to implement it as a button on mobile, here is what my HTML code looks like;

    <ul class="bottom_nav_menu">
            <li class="ze_menu_bottom">
                <a class="toggle-anon enable-anonymous" alt="Go Anonymous">
                    <i class="material-icons">&#xE8F5;</i><span class="text"> Go Anonymous </span>