Hidden Group Membership

I think we will have the change committed 3 weeks from today, it turned out to be a little more fragile than what I thought initially


Thanks for the update. That’s unfortunate but totally manageable on my end.

Any status updates on how this is coming?

I am slotting a couple of days for this next week starting Monday


This is now complete per:


Since you are on the business tier it will take a few more days till this is deployed, probably looking at going live on your site by the end of the week.

Enjoy, and may the 4th … of July … be with you.


Sam, if a group is not visible to a user, will the title become non-clickable?

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Tricky, it depends.

If you set it as a title, but not primary group everything will work fine and the title will not be linkable.

If you set it to make a “hidden” group “primary” then it creates a 403 link there. I can fix it but it is fairly complicated to do efficiently.

For the time being there is a clear workaround (only set primary group to public groups)


FWIW, the other day I banged into the issue that Joshua asked about:

It wasn’t a big issue for me, since I was able to easily use Joshua’s JS to remove the link. But it would be nice if (eventually) the system was cleverer about handling this edge case – i.e., not using a link if the linked page isn’t available to the user.


The problem in my case is I need the primary group to get the CSS selector. As Alex said, the JS code I got works, but built in is always prefered.

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FYI, this is now deployed on the business tier, let me know how you go.


Working like a charm! thanks