Hide a section of the sidebar for anon

Hi! I’m not really sure if this is the place to ask, but I need to hide a section from sidebar to anon users and the code in CSS is not working for that.

I put this in CSS in order to hide Community section for anonymous users

.anon div.sidebar-section-community {
     display: none;

With the latest update of Discourse, now it shows publicly, and also shows a custom section I added only for loggued in users.

Do you know it this CSS is correct? I am missing something?

Thanks in advance!

here you go:

common css

// * hide the Community section in side-bar from anon users*

.anon .sidebar-section-wrapper.sidebar-section[data-section-name="community"] {
    display: none;

should be able to do the same for any other sections you want to hide from anon users.

edit: i fixed a space before “none”

btw, as an aside, if you want to hide all the lock badges on the secured category bullets in the side-bar, you can do this:

// * turn off the lock icon for all secure categories in the sidebar *

.sidebar-section-link-wrapper .sidebar-section-link-prefix.icon .prefix-badge, .sidebar-section-link-wrapper .sidebar-section-link-prefix.span .prefix-badge {
   display: none;

Thank you for answering!
For some weird reason it didn’t work, neither with community nor with custom :smiling_face_with_tear:

It’s interesting the other thing you mention about lock bagdes but I’m not sure if it’ll work with my site configuration. I’ll try it


i just tested live on my site and it worked perfectly :woman_shrugging:

anon view:

logged in regular user view:

i also did it on Meta too.

dev tool:

anon view of sidebar:

i also tested it on a few other sections like categories and messages as well as one of my custom ones. just make sure you get the section name spelling right and all lowercase.

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Awesome! I really appreciate your help!

I tried it like this:

But it still shows Community to anon:

It also shows the custom section “¿Cómo se usan?” which I deactivated for public. :woman_shrugging:

I think it must be something going on somewhere else. As I am a novice, I can’t guess what, but I’ll continue searching.

Thanks a lot!!

hmm looking at those screenshots, i suspect it may be a language thing. if you want, you can pm me your forum address and i will have a look.

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Or not. It works on finnish site just fine.


You’re right! I changed community for comunidad and it worked!!
:raised_hands: :heart_eyes:


yay! so glad i could help you :slight_smile:

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I’m a bit puzzled by why this works because the section attribute is data-section-name="community" in any of my forums, whatever the language they use :thinking:

@Jagster also says it works as it is on his forum, without having to translate the data-section-name value.

Does anyone have an idea?


I don’t know anything about nothing, but what happends if translation has been done editing directly english term, not wanted language?

I mean I’ve edited finnish translation but I could leave it alone and edit directly defaulted english one.

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yea if the community has been changed with text replacement instead of translation, i think that may make a difference. i remember when i was playing around a while back with this, i noticed that i had to change my text replacement back to community to make it work, or use whatever text i had replaced it with. however i do not know if that is the case here or not.


Oooh, now that’s a very interesting thing to know. Thanks!

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getting the data section name correct is important. for example, if the replaced text has a space like on my forum, it needs to be a dash, and all lower case (eg: my site i have replaced “Community” with CFL Forums and the scss data section name is “cfl-forums” if i want to hide it). data section names are basically slugs.

// * hide any section in side-bar from anon users - "Section Name" = section-name * //

.anon .sidebar-section-wrapper.sidebar-section[data-section-name="section-name"] {
    display: none;
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