Hide unlisted topics for staff by default

I maintain a Q&A where we make less important or reusable questions unlisted after they were answered, and these comprise a fair fraction of the total amount. By default staff sees all topics, including the unlisted ones. This clutters the topic list and also makes showing how forum works confusing to new users (it’s a class, and I screenshare sometimes to show how the forum works).

I realize that right now staff can hide unlisted topics by appending ?status=listed to the URL. This URL parameter is, however, not preserved when navigating around, and is hard to discover.

Therefore I propose to:

  • Hide unlisted topics by default also for staff
  • Add a button that shows unlisted topics

That’s not really the intent of the feature, though. The whole idea is that staff hides the topics and regular users can’t see the topics.


On the other hand “can see” and “want to see” are different things…