Why can I still see unlisted topics on the front page?

(Daniel Mahler) #1

I have unlisted some topics but I still see them on the front page, but marked with the unlisted icon.
What does unlisted actually mean? Who/when/where can see unlisted topics?

Ideally I would like the topics not to appear on the front page or category pages, but still come up for explicit searches

(cpradio) #2

Unlisted means you can only access the topic as Staff or with a direct URL.

It is hidden from latest/category pages for all non-staff users


Are you logged in as an admin? Other users won’t see them.

Edit: Damn it Matt. You’re too quick!

(Daniel Mahler) #4

Thanks. Are both moderators and admins staff? Are there any other kind of staff?

(Daniel Mahler) #5

Also is there a way to make a post searchable & accessible via direct URL but not automatically visible even to staff?


Yes (both are) and no (there are not others). You can see who your staff are at /admin/users/list/staff

Not that I’m aware of.