Homepage specific design and content


I have an issue : I want a specific banner on the homepage only.
I saw that it was possible but I don’t find any subject resolving my problem. Maybe, the fact that I’m still in trial is a factor.

Can you help me please ? :slightly_smiling_face:

I think this is the theme component that you’d need to get started


Thank you !!! :smile: D

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I hope that you’ve figured it out but if not then there is a setting in the component

You should check The Show on homepage button and remove all the parameters below that.


Yeah this is exactly what I did ! I didn’t know that Discourse was that flexible with those themes components. Really helpful thank you for your support :sunglasses:


hello everyone,

great component. thank you.

i want to show banner only home page. I remove url must contain contents but still it shown on /lastest page or /tags page. What can i do ?


Have you checked that ?
For me it’s working very fine ! :slight_smile:

yes. it shown home page but also it shown on other pages like /lastest page or /tags page

Yeah I did’nt saw that… That’s a problem :confused: maybe we can fix this with some JS code

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