Horizonal scrolling with /u/…/activity/likes-given and with /u/…/activity/bookmarks

(Graham Perrin) #1


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  1. Zoom out
  2. zoom out
  3. zoom out to sixty-seven percent.


  • Firefox 53.0, non-extended
  • serif 16 (default)
  • 1,024 x 768

Side note: titles

If you do enhance those two pages, then you might also give distinguishing prefixes to titles. Respectively (with en dashes):

Likes given –


Bookmarks –


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Good catch, definitely specific to those two tabs. @eviltrout can you give this a quick look?

(Graham Perrin) #3


(Meta meta: please, is this the type of thing that you would categorise as a bug? To me it’s more of an enhancement request … OTOH horizontal scroll issues do ‘feel’ buggy, especially when using a mouse with a scroll wheel that’s vertical.)

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Read the category description of bug. Does it prevent normal use of Discourse? I would say no.

(Graham Perrin) #5

Thanks, I had read Sam’s general description, a few weeks ago.

I sought your personal opinion here because, for these specific use cases I treat:

  • horizontal scrolling as abnormal
  • Discourse as usable with repeated use of abnormal movements :slight_smile:

A somewhat odd combination, but I assume that for most users, neither page is frequently visited, so as I first thought: a UX issue.

Thanks for clarifying.

… one bug per topic please.

I carefully, quietly decided to not create second or third topics for the two page titles. I deeply empathise with the wish to have a support area that’s free from multiplication, and so on.

(Side note: I’m an admin in the primary support area for a service that caters for … I’m not sure how many thousand GitHub-based communities. A pleasantly quiet area, most of the time, but nonetheless: there is a shared understanding of the value of maintaining a tidy space, from which a team of developers can gain an overview without too much difficulty.)

(Robin Ward) #6

For some reason we weren’t allowing wrapping on topic titles which looked quite bad when they were very long. This fixes it:

(Robin Ward) #7