Horizonal scrolling with /u/…/activity/likes-given and with /u/…/activity/bookmarks


Not logged in (NLI):


Logged in:


  1. Zoom out
  2. zoom out
  3. zoom out to sixty-seven percent.


  • Firefox 53.0, non-extended
  • serif 16 (default)
  • 1,024 x 768

Side note: titles

If you do enhance those two pages, then you might also give distinguishing prefixes to titles. Respectively (with en dashes):

Likes given –


Bookmarks –



Good catch, definitely specific to those two tabs. @eviltrout can you give this a quick look?

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(Meta meta: please, is this the type of thing that you would categorise as a bug? To me it’s more of an enhancement request … OTOH horizontal scroll issues do ‘feel’ buggy, especially when using a mouse with a scroll wheel that’s vertical.)

Read the category description of bug. Does it prevent normal use of Discourse? I would say no.

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Thanks, I had read Sam’s general description, a few weeks ago.

I sought your personal opinion here because, for these specific use cases I treat:

  • horizontal scrolling as abnormal
  • Discourse as usable with repeated use of abnormal movements :slight_smile:

A somewhat odd combination, but I assume that for most users, neither page is frequently visited, so as I first thought: a UX issue.

Thanks for clarifying.

… one bug per topic please.

I carefully, quietly decided to not create second or third topics for the two page titles. I deeply empathise with the wish to have a support area that’s free from multiplication, and so on.

(Side note: I’m an admin in the primary support area for a service that caters for … I’m not sure how many thousand GitHub-based communities. A pleasantly quiet area, most of the time, but nonetheless: there is a shared understanding of the value of maintaining a tidy space, from which a team of developers can gain an overview without too much difficulty.)

For some reason we weren’t allowing wrapping on topic titles which looked quite bad when they were very long. This fixes it: