Hosting on AWS for Ruby on Rails developers?

I work as web developer and use Ruby on Rails on the company I work for.
There, wee also use AWS to host our application.
I don’t know much about AWS and I think is a good knowledge to acquire, since I can improve my opportunities in the company.

I also want to set up an regional community forum about technology, to get correlated people in the same page.

Becase of that, I found Discourse. And with that, I want to improve myself while creating the community.

Now my question:
What I need to know about hosting Discourse on AWS?
I’ve never used Docker. I was thinking about hosting it like we do in our company: RoR and Sidekiq to ElasticBeanstalk, Redis on Elasticache and database on RDS.
Is it really better to use docker?
What if I don’t use it, the updates will be hard?
(I have no probleming learning Docker, since I think this will improve my market abilities too, but I want to know if without Docker the hosting difficulty changes a lot or no)


Unless you are interested only in local development, you want to use Docker.

I recommend that you start with a standard install and then experiment with replacing the postgres and redis servers in the standard container with RDS and Elasticache.