Hour By Hour Statistics

When looking at my forum, I generally see that there are more posts in specific hours than others. Is there a way that we can get a statistic that shows specifically; in hours how many posts how many page views etc. like there is day by day, instead; hour by hour.

Try the Data Explorer plugin.


I wish, the thing is is that I use Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting), so I’m not able to install plugins.

Then there’s not much you can do, unfortunately!

You should email them for support.


The query below will show posts created per hour of the day.

-- [params]
-- int :months_ago = 1

WITH query_period AS
(SELECT date_trunc('month', CURRENT_DATE) - INTERVAL ':months_ago months' AS period_start,
                                                    date_trunc('month', CURRENT_DATE) - INTERVAL ':months_ago months' + INTERVAL '1 month' - INTERVAL '1 second' AS period_end)
SELECT EXTRACT (HOUR FROM p.created_at) AS hour,
  COUNT(p.id) AS amount
FROM posts p
JOIN topics t ON t.id = p.topic_id
JOIN query_period qp ON p.created_at >= qp.period_start
AND p.created_at <= qp.period_end
WHERE t.archetype = 'regular'
AND p.user_id > 0

The data explorer plugin is one of the plugins that we install by default. All you need to do is enable it in Admin - Plugins. If you have any questions specific to our hosting please take them to support@discoursehosting.com.


What do I do with that code in order to install it?

I was able to activate it, I just don’t know how to use that code to make it actually work

For date explorer press run

Where can I find that page?

  • Go to Admin - Plugins - Data Explorer.
  • Press the + button on the top right.
  • Enter “post per hour” in the input box left to the “Create New” button and press the button.
  • Copy/paste the code so it replaces the SELECT 1 text.
  • Click ‘Save changes and run’

If you need more guidance, please contact support@discoursehosting.com.

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