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Melanie - Did you find a platform that met your document needs? I have been searching for the same.

We;re looking at integrating Nextcloud with Discourse/NodeBB. If it works out I’ll let you know! If I remember to come back here…


What exactly do you mean by “integrating” here?

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I use discourse and nextcloud. I have fantasies about hosting discourse and nextcloud on the same droplet, with sso and ability to see/manage discourse uploads in nextcloud.


And @tobiaseigen

I think we’re doing something more basic than that; using Nextcloud as our Document Manager and then disabling file uploads onto NodeBB (Maybe Discourse, haven’t decided yet what we’re using for our website with the developer yet); but essentially having SSO between the forum and Nextcloud so that people can upload to Nextcloud and then link to the files on the forum. It’s an extra step but will keep us much more organized.

What Tobias is talking about would be amazing; having the user being able to reference a nextcloud file in Discourse/NodeBB without switching interfaces would be pretty sweet.

If the workflow is smooth and it’s a successful innovation I’ll post a better description here. Might be 6 months plus though.


So, since that is already possible right now (not only with nextcloud), your “integration” would be to have an SSO between the two? That should also be possible already.

For me, the most important aspect of integration would be how those links to nextcloud documents are rendered in discourse. That could be anything from improved (possibly customizable) oneboxing to full viewing capabilities (within post or in a modal) to full editing capabilities to the possibility of using discourse to annotate and discuss documents (i.e. to be able to quote/refer to parts of a nextcloud document in discourse…

I don’t think Nextcloud can handle document editing or annotation; they use extensions and plugins for that. You have to enable a pdf viewer plugin and you’d need Collabora or Onlyoffice to edit and annotate documents. Discourse/NodeBB likewise aren’t really built for document editing AFAIK.

Yours sound like great integration ideas, but integration to me is allowing for better file sharing and document management in Discourse/NodeBB. So a solid SSO integration is the first step for us. If the developer can go further and get some sort of onebox or embeds in that would be pretty sweet. I’d love to be able to type @ or some other key and have a dropdown search of our nextcloud files for easy referencing; or reroute drag and drop uploads from a forum post to upload directly to a nextcloud folder. Wasn’t really thinking about it from a document editor perspective.

Syncing Nextcloud file comment feature with a forum post when it’s tagged would also be nice, but I don’t know where the post would go if it was commented on in Nextcloud and not the forum. Maybe a one way sync.

Regardless; no just SSO that’s already possible but we don’t know how to do ourselves. We haven’t started development yet though and I haven’t seen many SSO implementations so maybe it’s something that could be built without too much work.

When I attempt to upload documents, it say I can only upload images or simply text, not word-processed documents, spreadsheets, or slideshows.

Search system settings for authorized extensions.

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I don’t see any settings, system or otherwise.

Here ya go, @jofearth

Screenshot of Settings


Follow up on this…

  • Nextcloud and Discourse support attachments via S3 / Minio. So, you should be able to setup Minio (S3) storage, which will integrate with both.
  • Nextcloud and Discourse can provide + receive custom SSO authentication, so that should be possible as well.

Not super friendly to setup, but certainly do-able.

Thanks for the screenshot, but I don’t see how I would navigate there.

Are you saying document sharing on Discourse is available, but only if I first add an extension?

Hi @jofearth

You can nav there by (1) going to your admin settings page and then (2) selecting “Files” on the left hand menu / nav bar.

You can also try searching the settings as suggested by @pfaffman

Cheers and hope this helps

I’m sorry, but I don’t see any settings page, admin or otherwise.

It’s in the hamburger menu at upper right. Select “settings”.


Are you an administrator on the installation that you’re trying to upload documents to?

Adding authorized extensions has to be done by the administrator of an instance. Normal users can’t influence these settings.

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No settings.

I’m not an admin. I just signed up to see if Discourse can suit my needs. You’re saying I would need to add an extension, and then I could upload documents beyond images and simple text?

Yes. if you’re looking for more structured document management beyond attaching directly to posts then I would suggest looking at other options. Files can be attached to posts but there’s no central file management.

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