How about adding Pageview count for every topics?

Like this :point_down:

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I’ve never missed them, never looked for them and I don’t need them at all. But they are there at the bottom of the first post.

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Hi @Remah
That’s Visit counts. Not Pageviews.

So which page view count do you actually want? You’d need to be more specific.

Visit counts are already there in Discourse. I need Pageviews (When users refresh the Page, the Count should increase) as I mentioned the example in the Image.

The figure provided is Discourse pageviews and refreshing the page does not inflate the pageview count. I doubt that you will get what you want because the Discourse team have been averse to using that type of pageview:

In that topic we are told:

We do a +1 every time you hit a URL and get HTML back and a +1 each time you transition routes.