How can a group have end-to-end encryption

How can a group of people have end-to-end encrypted conversations?


Discourse Encrypt supports encrypted group messages. :+1: Simply add your recipients to a PM and select the Encrypted option.

  1. I’d like to encrypt an entire community.
    How are we going to do this?
  2. Where can I sense instructions on how to exchange private messages?

I believe it’s only possible to use Encrypt on PMs and not topics. You can make your community non-public or restrict access to certain categories by using group-permissions, but your content would not be encrypted.

You can send a PM by clicking on a usercard or user profile and selecting ‘Message’, from your /u/my/messages page, or by clicking on the + symbol next to Messages in your sidebar. The padlock symbol at the top of the composer will allow you to toggle encrypted/unencrypted.

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That’s a wild idea! Why do you want to do that?