How can a user send a file in the sign up process?


I was wondering if a user may send an image in the sign-up process.

Unless a plugin was developed to do it, it is not possible for users to upload an image when they complete the signup form. It is possible to add custom user fields to the signup form, but the fields need to be either text fields, dropdown fields, or checkboxes.

Can you give some more details about the problem you are trying to solve?


Letโ€™s say that I need that the users send their college id in the sign up form.

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You could have them upload it somewhere else and provide a link at login. Or youโ€™ll need a plugin.

Or if itโ€™s really a college id, you could require a college email address.


Send where? To admin?

Yes, send it to the admin :slight_smile: is it possible?

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Yes, I can confirm this is possible with the Custom Wizard Plugin


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