Add custom verification image upload for new signups?


New to Discourse, I need new users to upload a verification image before their account is created… I’ve already required new users to be approved before allowing access, but I also need:

  1. an upload button on the new account form, as a required field
  2. access to this uploaded image on the admin section (or possibly just a hyperlink to the S3 location of the image?), so we can preview this image prior to approval

Can this be built using a plugin? Can I use tie into the existing upload-selector code or should I write something new? Or please suggest a strategy/direction for accomplishing this feature… much appreciated!

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I’ve heard about this use case before. Can they simply email you the verification image? Out of band might be better.

Eh maybe… how would that workflow look?

I’d prefer they upload it while filling out the form, and maybe we just upload it to some S3 bucket, that seems more user-friendly.

Would this be difficult to build out, could I do it with a plugin? If you can just point me in the right direction I think I can figure it out

You can also set up incoming email so that email to a certain address comes in as Discourse PMs to your staff. We do that here, for example, so emails to arrive as PMs to the staff group.

So you could have where people should email their verification images, and that would arrive in Discourse as a PM to the @verification group (or whatever group you prefer).


That’s not a bad workflow :slight_smile:

This can be configured in the admin settings section? Or where do I set this up at?

Appreciate the help!!

@codinghorror I looked through all the admin settings and don’t see the way to configure this - can you point me to where I can configure this?

Search the #howto category for configuring reply via email to start.