How can I change the HTML template of advanced search?

Hello everyone. This is a brilliant plugin (Search banner theme component). Thanks.
Please tell me, how can I style the search settings page? Can I change the html template of the search settings?

You can change the HTML of the advanced search settings by overriding the template in a theme… the relevant templates are full-page-search.hbs and search-advanced-options.hbs.

Our Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes covers template overrides in the advanced section.


Thanks for your reply. I read the manual. Tell me please, where should I insert this code?

For example, I want to redefine a template full-page-search.hbs

<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="full-page-search">
Here is the modified template full-page-search.hbs

Thanks. I figured it out. This text should be inserted < / body>

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