How can I change the order of buttons in header?

hello everyone, I want to completely redo the header of the discourse.
The designer of our company sketched such a design for me, and with the help of css did not bring it much

However, I got a problem to move the profile button to the beginning, I searched for sources and found something \app\assets\javascripts\discourse\app\widgets\header.js
Using this help I was able to remove the icons from production and a little more [Solved] How to use virtual-dom's "h" helper in <head> for header-dropdown hamburger widget override? + How to override @computed method?

However, I could not move
The forum now looks like this:
And you need this: (move account button and change icon)
Where do I need to dig to do this:


You can do something like this with CSS:

.d-header-icons { 
  display: flex;

.header-dropdown-toggle.current-user { 
  order: 1; 
} { 
  order: 2; 
.header-dropdown-toggle.hamburger-dropdown { 
  order: 3; 

Thanks, very good.

Modifying it a bit helped me


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