How can I custom share button?

(Cobe) #1

As the image shows below:

Only these types sharing are available. What if my user want to share any other site, they have no way.

So my question is how can I custom my share button or make a plugin to make it possible to share to other site?


Can you recommend to the Discourse team the social sites you wish to include?

Which ones do your users care about?

(Jonah Aragon) #3

They could always just copy/paste that link though right? It’s not the best solution but I think that would be the easiest way, or do what @Frank said and just recommend some to the DIscourse team.

(Mittineague) #4

Maybe this could be tied in somehow with the SSO stuff?

(Cobe) #5

Yeah, thank you for your advice.
I think I should tell the team what social sites we need.

@sam can you help us add these types of sites like QQ, Weibo. What I need to do?

(Jiyin Yiyong) #6

It would be nice for us too if there are buttons to share posts to Weibo.
And we built with Discourse.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

We definitely want to make this easier to customize. @eviltrout can you add this to your list for 1.2 extensibility?

(jark) #8

@sam @codinghorror I can help to add some Chinese social share buttons like QQ , Weibo , WeChat.
Do I just need to modify share_links.js ? Anything else?

I’m sorry this is my first time to edit source files and I have no idea about Discourse development.

(Erick Guan) #9

This adds support for sharing links to weibo & renren.

FYI @eviltrout Sharing links to other platforms in China is complicated. Often required to include a script hosting on their sites. And they would also provide their logo photo(font awesome may not include their service).

(Robin Ward) #10

I forgot to close this topic, but we added Sharing extensibility in Discourse 1.2. Here is the API plugins can use:

I want to move the Facebook and Twitter share buttons to post menu
(Robin Ward) #11