How can I disable the docs item in the 'more' section?

How can I disable the menu item in the sidebar (in the ‘more’ section)? I can only disable it in the drop menu where the links to the categories and latest topics are included.

I’m not sure if I totally understand your post but the sidebar is customizable and you can always inspect from your browser (right click - inspect) and then use CSS to hide whatever you want to hide.

That didn’t prevent users can explore your code and see you are hiding from CSS but it could fits your requirements hiding simple spots.

try this in common css of a theme or theme component:

  .sidebar-section-link-wrapper {
      .sidebar-section-link {
         &[data-link-name="docs"] {
         display: none;

i also just added a setting to my Navigation Menu Modifier TC for hiding the docs link.


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