How can I embed videos hosted on our site?

Ah it appears it does:

  • Hide this video from (Plus + PRO + Business + Premium only) - This video can be embedded on other sites but can’t be viewed on (Your video cannot appear in Channels and Groups but can still be added to Albums and Portfolios.)
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What about the disclaimers, etc. ? Can this be done by customizing the theme?

Is that easy to do, or should I hire someone to do it? Is there a link to instructions?

Should these disclaimers be required when someone signs up to use your site? If you could do that then it would be much easier to just allow the embedding of videos directly.

Yes. But the videos may be seen by browsing before signing up.

What do you mean by embedding directly? How? Like a data:// url so it’s a huge page download even if video doesn’t play?

Yes, that’s true. You could potentially hide videos from anonymous users with CSS, but someone who’s a little savvy could find them so it wouldn’t be particularly secure. You’d need a custom plugin otherwise.

If the filetype is enabled in your settings, videos can be posted directly as you would with images. The full video isn’t loaded for the user until it’s played. For example:

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What would the actual code be to embed the video?

What file type should the video be?

And what player is used by default?

MP4 is probably the best format to use, it’s supported by all modern browsers.

There’s no code required from the poster to embed the video, as long as you have the video filetype set in the authorized extensions setting you can upload it or drag it into the composer as if you’re posting an image.

You can also post a link to an externally hosted MP4 on its own line, and it’ll be embedded

For example, putting this link on its own line

Embeds the video like this:

The video is embedded using the HTML5 <video> tag, which uses your browser’s native player.


Is it possible to embed a video or a video link that cannot be copied? we only want forum members to have access to them via the forum only.

Would someone using OBS to stream or a phone camera to record the video be a problem?

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Even if they didn’t go that far most video players expose their traffic in the network tab, allowing anyone to copy out the source path.

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we put videos on s3 and will embed in a special browser. of course, someone determined can get the video, but at least we tried. :sunglasses:

Sorry to revive this, but I am having trouble embedding mp4 files that we host locally. They just show up as links, not as playable videos.
An example can be found here: Screencast: creating an account at the Language Archive - Archiving info - The Language Archive Forums
Do you know what the issue may be? I’ve set staff authorized extensions to accept all file-types and added nl in the markdown linkify tlds.

Let’s see


I just uploaded this here.

Check this out:



This works indeed when uploading a video, but when I just want display a video from a link (see the link I posted), it doesnt detect it as such. I’ll look at the Video component that Thomas sent.

Try it on a line by itself

You would need to deep link the video like so

still no luck, not sure what the issue could be. It may be the proxy-server on our side of things.

(it does work when I upload the file to the post though)

My file is too big to upload. I upload the video to cloud server, and use html label video with the source ,but it still can’t play.

Which “cloud server” are you uploading it to? Share a link.

Sorry,It’s the browser problem.