How can I force the cache to be rebuilt after I enable new customizations?

(Travis) #1

It seems like adding and enabling new customizations in the admin is delayed until I do a full rebuild to upgrade Discourse. At first I thought it was just local cache but that doesn’t seem to be it.

Is there any way to force an update of the customizations?

(Sam) #2

To be clear, do you mean at /admin/customize? All of those (as far as I know) are applied immediately, you shouldn’t need to do a container rebuild.

Are you looking at your site itself or are you trying to view customizations while still in /admin? I forget exactly what the setup is, but customizations don’t tend to show up while you’re in /admin.

(Travis) #3

That’s correct @Yuun. These are /admin/customize additions, specifically for CSS. From everything I’ve tried, I can’t seem to get them to take in real time. They are real time for you? I’m not sure what I might be doing wrong.

Browser clearing, incognito, different machines…

(Sam) #4

Yeah, they definitely update in real time for me, I fiddle with the CSS customizations all the time.

I’m not sure what would cause them to stop doing this, unfortunately.

(Travis) #5

Based on your answer I investigated further. The reason is that the site customizations are included in the CDN rewrite. They’re urls under /site_customizations/. So if you have a CDN rewrite in place, you’ll need to perform some manual invalidations on site_customizations/*.