How can I remove the chat icon in the header?

Hi all - with the new sidebar in place, I’d like to remove the chat icon from the header. How do I do that? I can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks!

I don’t know but are you really sure users like it? Not everyone, quite few I would guess, uses forum sidebar wide open and if you remove the icon you make using chat more ackward. And with mobiles it will happend for sure because with smaller screens using sidebar all the time is no option at all.

Sure, chat icon is a bit problematic because it opens the very first channel and the sidebar gives more versatile tools jump around. But it is not that stranger behaviour than what like latest gives.

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I think you could probably hide it with a little CSS. I think this would do it: {

Thank you both! I suppose that is a good point regarding mobile, perhaps I should leave the icon as-is. Good to have the CSS if I want to change it later (thanks!)

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Not to persuade you one way or the other as I quite like the chat bubble :slight_smile:, but just as an FYI - you could add that CSS snippet to just the Desktop tab of a theme component to hide it on those and leave it on Mobile. :+1:


I know quite few are as strange or limited as I am :wink: but…

If a forum has only one chat channel then sidebar link is unnecessary and the bubble do the job totally.

But if there is several channels then that bubble works as an indicator but choosing what channel should/could/would read first is better do using the sidebar.

So… both are needed, but the bubble is more important one. Perhaps.